It is important that you are completely aware of your debtor’s financial status and intentions. It has become too easy for a company to dissolve and move down the street under another name avoiding financial responsibilities. Lockhart, Morris & Montgomery, Inc. will investigate each debtor or entity, putting their intentions in the spotlight and allowing our clients to act prior to any bankruptcy or dissolution.

Pre-Litigation Preparation

When legal action is eminent, our 90-day debt recovery program is extremely effective.  If the account is not collected within the time you have available, the account will be closed at no cost, and our findings, including assets, liabilities, income, etc., will be forwarded to you with a recommendation of legal action with good reason.  This process allows you to avoid spending money on attorney costs to hear that the debtor is not suit-worthy.

There is no longer a need to spend time and money trying to recover money that should have already been paid to you.  By outsourcing to Lockhart, Morris & Montgomery, Inc., you relieve yourself of that vicious cycle.  

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