Letter Series Programs
A letter series can be a cost effective method to counter "payment stalling" on accounts you are confident will pay eventually. LM&M can design a custom letter series to effectively address your customer base. This program is really helpful when all your customer may need is a "gentle nudge."

On Site Evaluation and Assessments
In today's culture and current technology, very few people think of traveling to a location to visit with debtors and secure payment. Our field agents are able to assess the customer's business based on a visual inspection and consult with them to secure payment. A face-to-face meeting can be one of the most effective ways to resolve a difficult commercial claim.

Early out/Pre-Collect Programs
This is the perfect approach to accelerate recovery of your account receivables. If you have accounts in the 30 to 90 day past due category, our Early Out Program can be a great solution to increase your cash flow quickly. Early Out combines the letter series approach with a "soft-touch" follow-up call by our representatives. During our follow-up call we seek to strengthen the business relationship between you and your customers while effecting timely payment of your accounts.

Credit Assessment and Risk Score Development
This service is designed to reduce the level of bad debt write-offs you experience by improving credit application processing and evaluation. Additionally, we can provide you with information about your customers which will alert you to any business downturn or credit risk before you extend credit. We communicate ways you can reduce bad debt and avoid costly litigation by staying ahead of a possible collection problem. The following is a sample of available services:
  • Credit Reports
  • City or County Tax Assessor for property, automobile and other asset ownership
  • National directory assistance (411)
  • National cross-referencing by name, address and social security number
  • Review of National Change Of Address Database
  • Neighbors and Relatives
  • UCC Filings
Pre-Legal Strategies
The vigorous work strategies employed by our representatives often yield positive results, thus negating the need for costly legal fees and headaches. Regardless of the outcome, you receive the benefit of our research and data collection. Litigation is always costly and LM&M can save you time and money by recommending when further action would be prudent.

Asset Research and Location Research
LM&M has invested in many national databases and investigative resources to provide you background information necessary for account resolution. We are able to locate assets and verify a customer's ability to pay or settle their obligations.

Other Services Include:
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